Machine Learning岗位的要求

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摘要这一篇简单介绍一下一些机器学习相关招聘的信息, 可以根据上面的要求进行一下知识点的学习和补充, 这里主要就是收集一些信息.


自己最近也是一直在看机器学习相关的资料, 为了确保看的资料能和实际使用的是符合的, 或者说是可以跟上发展, 这里简单收集一下招聘的要求, 也算是看一下目前的要求, 这里会时不时进行更新, 自己看到什么就更新什么.

Machine Learning岗位的要求

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Senior Deep Learning Engineer at Mathpix

这个是做数学公式的识别的. 链接地址 : Senior Deep Learning Engineer at Mathpix .


About the role: 

We are passionate about using AI to make our users more productive, and we're designing and building the best cloud services and productivity tools for technical people. As a Senior Deep Learning Engineer, you will join the Mathpix Machine Learning team and play a key role in developing, debugging, and shipping state-of-the-art computer vision technology that will help increase the pace of scientific innovation. You will work closely with the Engineering and Product teams to create innovative solutions for our customers stuck using outdated technologies.

What to expect: 

  • Be responsible for the full deep learning lifecycle, from data curation to model development and iteration to deployment in production
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Product teams to ship high-quality features

You should apply if you have: 

  • 1+ years of experience working on DL projects
  • Experience with Python or Caffe2
  • Basic knowledge of CNNs
  • Some experience on computer vision projects
  • Ability to debug deep learning algorithms
  • A passion for designing future-shaping technology and desire to be an early team member at a startup

Additional qualifications that would make you a perfect fit: 

  • Experience implementing advanced NLP techniques
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Advanced degree in machine learning, computer science, or statistics/mathematics

Let's get to work!





  1. 高级数据分析师条件:
  2. 3年以上互联网行业数据分析工作经验
  3. 熟练使用hiveQL
  4. 熟练掌握spss|R|sas中任一分析软件
  5. 掌握数据分析方法并有丰富的应用经验
  6. 有过用户增长、数据埋点、业务驱动分析、数据挖掘项目经验


  1. 有社交产品数据分析经验
  2. 做过渠道、用户行为分析、用户画像等,构建过用户分层体系
  3. 掌握shell|python|matlab,理解hadoop原理
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