Does Sleep Position Affect Your Health?

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摘要这一篇主要介绍关于睡觉姿势的一些简单介绍, 是否存在最好的睡觉姿势呢. 是否靠右侧睡觉是最好的睡觉姿势呢, 如果不是那么应该如何选择睡觉的姿势,


这一篇文章主要介绍关于睡觉的姿势的相关的内容. 是否靠右侧睡觉是最好的睡觉姿势呢, 那么最好的睡觉姿势是什么呢, 这一篇会做一个简单的说明.

参考资料: Does Sleep Position Affect Your Health?

封面图片: Almost 25% of adults in the Netherlands have trouble sleeping

Does Sleep Position Affect Your Health?


首先文章介绍了一个事实, 就是很多人晚上会进行翻身, 同时他自己可能不会感受到.

"A lot of my patients tell me they sleep on their side," Wellman says. But when position sensors monitor them in the sleep lab, many self-professed side sleepers are on their backs up to 30% of the night, "and they didn't know it."

晚上睡觉是有许多个循环来组成的, 每一个循环都是由浅睡到深睡来组成的.

Sleep occurs in a repeated series of cycles, from light to deep to the phase called rapid eye movement (REM), when most dreams occur. We wake after each cycle, even if we don't realize it.

"Everyone awakens throughout the night five to seven times, after each sleep cycle finishes, and then quickly returns to sleep, often with a brief movement, sometimes turning positions," explains Shelby Harris, a psychologist and associate professor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City and the author of The Women's Guide to Overcoming Insomnia.


研究并没有发现一个最好的睡觉的姿势, 并没有证据表明靠右侧睡觉会对心脏比较好(而且我们睡着了不会一直是保持一个姿势在睡觉的).

Sleep experts agree there is no sleep posture that's ideal for everyone. Sleep advice sites make a lot of unsupported claims: that sleeping on your right side protects your heart but causes facial wrinkles, that sleeping on your back helps clear the brain of waste products. But there is very little research to suggest that any position is better than another.

对于一个普通人来说, 没有什么最优的姿势. 但是对于一个生病的人来说, 一个好的睡觉的姿势会是比较重要的.

  • Back pain: People with back pain may get relief by sleeping on their backs, according tothe Cleveland Clinic, with a small pillow or rolled-up towel under the knees to alleviate pressure.
  • Hip pain: Placing a pillow between the knees can relieve back and hip pain for some people.

对于特定的睡觉的姿势来说, 比如说sleep on your stomach, 有下面要注意的点. Why Sleeping On Your Stomach Is Bad

Does Sleep Position Affect Your Health?

If you must sleep on your stomach, try skipping the pillow, or place another pillow under your pelvis to reduce back and neck strain, the Mayo Clinic advises.


Most experts advise against stomach sleeping, since it forces the neck to turn to the side and pushes it out of alignment, which can cause back pain.

Side sleeping is best for those with specific health problems

下面是一些详细的说明, 对于不同身体条件的人, 可以采取不同的睡觉的姿势.

比如孕妇, 喜欢睡觉的时候靠左侧来进行睡觉.

Pregnant women may want to sleep on their left side. Sleeping on the right can compress the liver, Rodriguez says, and sleeping supine can cause the baby to push on the mother's diaphragm, making it difficult for her to breathe. Infants should be placed on their backs for sleeping, he says, to help avoid sudden infant death syndrome.

比如打鼾这个问题, 也是可以通过侧躺来进行减轻的(实验这通过在睡衣后面缝一个网球, 一旦平躺睡觉就会不舒服, 就会侧躺, 从而来减轻打鼾).

Snoring, which is also worse in the supine position, is by itself not thought to disrupt the sleep of the snorer, Wellman says. "We don't think it's a health problem," he says. "It's a social problem." He and other sleep experts offer an old-school trick to help reduce snoring: Sew a tennis ball into the back of your pajamas. If you roll onto your back, the discomfort subconsciously causes you to roll back onto your side, Wellman says.


Another trick to ease snoring, sleep apnea, and acid reflux: Raise the legs at the head of your bed (the cheap approach), or invest in an adjustable bed and raise the back (the very costly approach). Wedge pillows can also help.

Does Sleep Position Affect Your Health?

这个后面还讲了关于睡觉地点的相关内容, 我大致看了一下感觉没有上面有意思就不放在下面了, 感兴趣可以在上面的原文链接进行查看.


所以总结一下, 对于正常的人来说, 没有最好的睡觉的姿势, 因为睡着之后我们不会一直是一个姿势对于一些特殊的人群来说, 侧躺会是比较好的, 同时睡觉的时候把腿抬高一些会是比较好的.

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