Americans Are Not Getting the Message About Exercising More and Sitting Less

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摘要这一篇文章其实是在讲Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans发布的十年是否起到了作用, 然后讲了当前人们久坐时间过程, 所以在指南中加入了不要久坐的提示. 摘录在这里可以参考一下里面建议的每周运动时间.


这一篇文章会介绍关于运动时间的一些话题, 他原文其实是在探讨2008年发布了Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans之后, 查看了从2008年到2018年之前, 人们的运动时间没有明显的增长, 但是久坐的时间明显变长了. 所以在最新的指导中, 加入了不要久坐的提示. 下面是是原文链接.

原文链接: Americans Are Not Getting the Message About Exercising More and Sitting Less

这一篇文章放这里, 其实是想关注一下文章里提到的每周运动的时长, 我觉得还是可以参考一下的.


我不完全按照原文的顺序来讲, 我就直接罗列文章的一些重点. 我会先用中文叙述一下, 后面放一下原文(怕我讲的不到位)


建议的运动时长是每周75min-150min, 这个也就是说, 如果每次运动30min的话, 每周需要运动至少2-5次, 感觉可以按照这个标准进行运动.

Doctors and public health officials have been urging Americans to get more active and try to exercise at least 150 minutes per week at a moderate level, or 75 minutes weekly at a vigorous level. Even if you can't fit in that much activity, studies show that any exercise is better than none when it comes to health benefits like lowering risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.


研究了从指南发布开始到现在的数据, 发现运动率没有显著的提高, 但是也没有显著的下降.

The first guidance for how much exercise adults should be doing for better health came in 2008 with the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Those guidelines recommended that people exercise 150 minutes each week, and were updated a decade later in 2018. "We were curious about whether the guidelines released in 2008 led to an increase in physical activity over time," says Bao.

The rates of physical activity rates did not change much between 2007 and 2016. In the 2007-2008 survey, 63% of the participants engaged in the recommended amount of aerobic physical activity, and that share was about the same—65%—in the 2015-2016 survey, the most recent years for which data are available.


上面提到运动的时间没有明显的变长或是变短, 但是久坐的时长和比例是有所提高的. 久坐会带来一系列的慢性病, 所以我们需要告诉公众少坐和多运动一样重要.

In the first survey period, 16% of the people reported sitting for over six hours a day while also not meeting the recommended amount of physical activity, and that proportion increased to nearly 19% in the second survey. The mean number of hours per day that people spent sitting increased from 5.7 hours to 6.4 hours in that time period.

It turned out that the rate of physical activity wasn't much change. And we found a clear increase in the sitting time. This means we need to be more aggressive in finding ways to provide people opportunities to sit less.

Studies continue to show that sitting, independent of physical activity, can be a risk factor for a number of chronic diseases.

Pairing exercise advice with recommendations about sitting less is important for any physical activity advice.

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