University of Agder交换记录–ESN Agder介绍

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摘要这里是关于 UiA 的一个学生组织,ESN Agder 的介绍。同时会包括如何从机场到学校,也会包括如何适应学校生活,和 ESN Agder 提供的一些活动。


这一篇介绍一下关于学校的组织--ESN Agder, 这是一个志愿者组织, 可以帮助交换生更好的适应学校的学习和生活. 下面是对于ESN Agder的简单介绍, 其实详细的内容就是网站和他录取之后的邮件的内容.


Erasmus Student Network Agder(ESN Agder)

Erasmus Student Network Agder(ESN Agder)是一个学生组织, 是一个Agder大学的志愿者组织. 他会每年帮助交换生进行适应和举办一些活动给交换生参加.


The meeting points are the main entrance of the university in Kristiansand. From here we transport you to your new housing.


  • Receive your welcome package containing information from SiA.
  • Receive the key for your dorm.
  • Be driven with your luggage to your dorm by a Buddy
  • Be welcomed by Buddies when you arrive at your dorm.


我是一直到Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik (KRS).

There are regular airport buses into the central bus station (Rutebilstasjonen) and the trip takes about 30 minutes and costs NOK 50 for students.

 The local 35 bus goes straight from outside the airport. Remember to bring some cash for the trip just in case. Take the bus to the campus bus stop just outside town (Universitetet (Kristiansand)).


  • 首先关于坐公交车, 可以上他们的官网进行查询,
  • 出发地点可以选择(机场位置), Kjevik Lufthavn (Kristiansand)
  • 到达地点可以选择, Marvikskrysset (Kristiansand)
  • 学校的地点: University of Agder,
  • 住宿的地点, Marviksveien 98, Kristiansand
  • 最后选择出发的时间, 就可以看到那天的线路的安排了(下面是查看到的线路的安排).
University of Agder交换记录–ESN Agder介绍

我们点开一个行程, 就是可以看到一条路线的具体的安排.

University of Agder交换记录–ESN Agder介绍


In Kristiansand we are in the Global Lounge, just inside the main enterance. Take the bus (or car if you are driving) to the campus bus stop (named Universitetet (Kristiansand)) and just walk towards the red buildings and you will find us just inside the main doors.

University of Agder交换记录–ESN Agder介绍

ESN Buddies wear purple t-shirts with white text saying "BUDDY!".(进去之后找紫色T恤的就行)

University of Agder交换记录–ESN Agder介绍


迎新日(Orientation day)

We will be giving our official welcome during Orientation day on Friday 3rd at
university, where we are hosting welcome lunch and dinner, as well as a tour of
campus. In the morning buddy;s will meet you outside your student housing at
approximately 08:15 local time and follow you to campus. (注意一下开始的时间)


Sales and products

这里会给一张卡 (ESN card), 这个卡可以提供一些优惠, 比如坐飞机的时候 (gives you benefits with certain local and international companies such as Ryanair, as well as a discount on ESN organized trips.).



The buddy programme

The Buddy program consists of volunteering students who help exchange students throughout their stay and want to get to know them. The Buddies and the exchange students are divided into groups of 7-15 people, a mix of Norwegians and exchange students. (这应该就是一个帮助交换生适应环境的小组)

We highly recommend spending time with your group, especially in the beginning of the semester. This is a unique opportunity to get to know Norwegian students in addition to other exchange students. Hopefully you will get to know each other well, and the friendship with the buddies will make your stay in Norway more diverse. The point of the buddy groups is for you to meet Norwegians more easily, and for you to get to know each other.

About a week before you arrive, you should receive an email from your group leader. It is nice if you answer the email even if you don't have any questions to let your group leader know that the mail has been received. You will meet your buddy group one of the first days of your stay. (注意收邮件)


Active members

可以尝试加入ESN Agder, 和他们一起组织活动等. At the end of the semester all active members
who have performed a minimum of tasks will receive a personalised diploma to take with them and are of course more than welcome to use us as a reference on their future CVs.



Feel free to tag pictures on Instagram and/or Facebook with #ESNAgder!

可以在Facebook上加入他们的社群. 具体的链接查看邮件中的内容.


ESN Adger的相关网站

  • 微信公众号
  • 关注微信公众号
  • weinxin
  • QQ群
  • 我们的QQ群号
  • weinxin
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