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摘要这一篇是整理关于邮件书写的常用的表达, 包括在邮件中表示感谢, 表示重要, 表示抱歉打扰的话.


这里整理一些常见的邮件用语, 方便自己在书写的时候进行查找.




关于表示感谢的十种用法, 在另一个文章中讲过了, 这里就给出链接. [Email]-TOP 10 WAYS TO SAY “THANK YOU” IN AN ENGLISH EMAIL



我们在表示重要的时候, 会使用 important to/for 来表示, 两者会有一些区别(可以参考一下).

The simple explanation is that

  • "important to" is something you value.
  • "important for" is something you need, or that will help you in some way.

A nice example is:

  • "It is important for you to get well" ~ your life will be improved by returning to health
  • "It is important to your family that you get well" ~ they put a high value on you being healthy.

或者还有一种来解释 important forimportant to 的区别的, 感觉这一种说法会更好理解一些.

  • "Important to me" is subjective and you're informing the listener that you believe this is important.
  • "Important for me" means there's a third party that has dictated that this is important, be it a boss, society, or parents.

参考资料: "Important to me" or "Important for me"



A more formal and polite way of saying, 这里的 bug 可以替换为下面的 bother:

  • Sorry to bug you again about this, but we still have not received a response about X .... (if we still have not received any assistance with X)
  • Sorry to bug you again about this, but we are still having problems with X and .... (if we have already received some assistance with X)

对于上面两个, 也可以使用下面的说法来进行描述.

  • I/We apologize for the repeated request ... (对于对方没有回复你, 对再次打扰表示抱歉)
  • Thank you for your help with X, but we are still having problems with it and ... (对方回复了你, 但是问题还是没有解决, 此时因为已经得到了帮助, 所以可以首先表示感谢)


  • I'm sorry to bother you again (可以替换上面的 bug you again)
  • I'm sorry that I have to bring this up again, but […]
  • We are still awaiting a response regarding issue X. Please reply as soon as you receive this message.
  • We are still awaiting a response regarding issue X. If you are unable to provide an answer at this time, please inform us as to when we can expect a response so that we can plan accordingly. Thank you for your support.
  • Please accept my apologies for further repetition on this issue, but...

参考资料More formal way of saying: “Sorry to bug you again about this, but …”




  • Thank you for your email.
  • Thanks for responding so quickly to my request.


  • This is to confirm that I have received your email. 確認已收到您的郵件。
  • This is to acknowledge receipt of your email. 確認已收到您的郵件。
  • We have already received your reply and will get back to you shortly. 我們已收到你的回覆,並很快會回覆你。


  • Noted. 收到了/知道了。
  • Well noted. 來信收悉。

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